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Connectico provides investors with a complex ecosystem that makes investments in digital assets fully transparent and safe. With the built-in Collectico smart contract based fundraising system and KYC verification, investors can safely and quickly connect with fundraisers, while they can compare deal terms and make decisions based on objective ratings.

Find customizable, objective ratings on Connectico Rating, compare deal terms

Send fund to Collectico

Collectico automatically manages your contribution and forward it to the fundraiser’s address

Fundraiser sends the tokens to Collectico

You can claim your tokens from Collectico

Connectico provides fundraisers with an integrated platform to raise capital or offer allocations to a KYC/AML-compliant investor base. With the built-in smart contract based fundraising system and investor verification solution, Connectico also offers all-inclusive token sale management for ICOs and STOs.

Upload deals, set up terms. Your offer appears on investor’s dashboard.

Investors send funds to Collectico, you can check the status of contributions.

Funds from Collectico are sent to your account.

Send token to Collectico.

Investors claim their tokens from Collectico.

Investors / Members

Investing in digital assets was never so simple, reliable and transparent. No
more unknown fundraiser, no more loss due to unreasonable prices and
probably no more missing out on the best projects.

Invest in the greatest ICO/STO projects across the globe

Do the KYC once, be part of a large investor community and enjoy the ongoing access to seed, private or public round ICO/STO projects.

Fully transparent investment process in one place

Non-transparent ICO/STO investments are over. Find 100% customizable, objective ratings from every relevant sources, compare deal terms, check the uploader and invest with the best conditions available on the market.

Manage your portfolio in one place

You can always check the status of your investments, the invested amount, the ROI and the recent news on each project. We keep you updated about all the relevant information.

Enjoy the integrated fundraising system

ConnectICO offers you a smart contract-based secure, easy-to-use fundraising system called CollectICO to manage your ICO/STO investments. The system is fully integrated into the complex platform.

How it works?

Do the KYC and
a Tier 2 member

Do the research
on ConnectICO

Use CollectICO
to invest

Go to our deal
section, find the
best terms, check
the uploader

Wait for your tokens,
follow the project’s status






Do the KYC and become
a Tier 2 member

Do the research
on ConnectICO Rating

Go to our deal section,
find the best terms,
check the uploader

Use CollectICO
fundraising platform
to invest

Wait for your tokens,
follow the project’s status


Be an ICO, an STO, a pool, a VC or an individual dealmaker, Connectico
provides you with an integrated platform to manage your fundraising in a
legally appropriate way.

All-inclusive fundraising management in one platform

We offer ICOs/STOs an integrated platform for token sales from whitelisting to token distribution while they can enjoy a large KYC/AML compliant investor base and visibiliy on Connectico Rating. Contact [email protected] for further information

Smart contract based, secure, integrated, easy-to-use fundraising platform for individual dealmakers

Manage ICO/STO allocations from uploading deals to distributing tokens while communicating directly with ConnectICO investors.

Large KYC/AML-compliant investor base

Get direct access to ConnectICO KYC-ed investors to enjoy large and legal investments and engage with a strong community.

KYC as a service

Use our AI- and machine learning supported KYC system for your ICO/STO, contact [email protected] ​for further information.

How it works?

Become a Tier 3
(KYC + Video call)

Upload deals and
their details
to CollectICO

Enjoy ConnectICO
investor base




Become a Tier 3 member
(KYC + Video call)

Upload deals and
their details to CollectICO
fundraising platform

Enjoy ConnectICO
investor base


Connectico Rating is a place where investors decisions are influenced by
objective customizable, aggregated ratings and not paid reviews. A place
where ICOs/STOs with good intentions can get really strong community


Reliable objective ICO ratings from the most recognized influencers, rating sites and research groups in one place.
100% customizable aggegated ratings thanks to the revolutionary Weight Calibration function.


Advertising space available, but no review manipulation
Companies have control to update their details, but no control to censor the ratings

Influencers, researchers

Connectico supports every relevant influencer in the market by showing their ratings in the platform
The platform gives the opportunity for every individual to show their hidden expertise
Connectico aims to generate the new generation of influencers where real competence will be more valuable, than simple marketing

Service Providers

Connectico service provider platform is a place where ICOs/STOs can easily
connect with third-party service providers and freelancers. It will be launched
expectedly in March 2019.


Find potential partners from a wide range of industries. They’re here to help you achieve your goals
Enjoy reasonable prices thanks to the fully transparent nature of ConnectICO platform.

Service providers / freelancers

Get listed on ConnectICO and enter the dynamically growing ICO/STO industry in an easy and transparent manner


Balint Dorner

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Aron Nardai

Co-founder, Business Development

Balazs Dorner

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Attila Sandor

Chief Marketing Officer

David Olah

Chief Technology Officer

Matyas Kaply

Head of Communications

Daniel Farkas

Head of Sales

Imre Takats

Head of Partnerships

Dominik Stuban

Data Scientist

Gabor Kovacs

Lead Architect

Martin Morvai

Lead Developer

Konrad Kovacs

Junior Frontend Developer

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